Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary

Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary has two luxury properties, Chui Lodge and Kiangazi House

Family holiday, wedding, romantic getaway or just visiting? A short drive from Nairobi, Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect safari escape, and with a selection of two luxury properties, two lakes, and a private wildlife sanctuary.

The Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary plays a significant role in Kenya’s conservation effort

It works to protect and breed endangered wildlife species with projects which also focus on restoring and protecting the natural habitat. There is also a keen effort to ensure the prudent management of the human-wildlife conflict to allow both the preservation of wildlife and thriving of human communities.
Kiangazi House And Garden
Kiangazi House Pool View
Kiangazi House Swimming Pool
Kiangazi House  5
Kiangazi House  2
Kiangazi House  3
Chui Lodge Gardens
Chui Lodge Swimming Pool
Chui Lodge Banda
Chui Lodge  3
Chui Lodge view from pool
Chui Lodge Game Drive Sundowners
Oserengoni Sanctuary Gervys Zebra
Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary Animals Grazing 2
Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary Flamingoes Flying
Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary Hippos In Lake
Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary Leopards Resting
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